Røde Kors

Product Development

Røde Kors asked us to look into ways to simplify their recruitment process. Every week new volunteers attend a meeting where they are briefed on which sub-divisions of Røde Kors that need additional manpower. The new volunteers then fill out a paper form with their preferred division together with their contact information and more. This is not ideal as the organisers have to manually punch this information into Røde Kors' CRM system which is both time consuming and prone to human error.

Another aspect we had to take into consideration was that the needs of the sub-divisions were changing by the week, so the organisers had to be in contact with every sub-divison, figure out if they needed more manpower and update the form and print it before the meeting.

We developed a way to easily check the needs of the sub-divisions, input it into a CMS and generate a digital form which users access on their phone during the meeting. The backend also generates a physical form as a fallback for less technological users.

The first version was a success even without implementing some of the fancier solutions we came up with, but hopefully we can add these improvements later.