With a background in graphic design that taught lessons on creativity and craft, working both in and for the startup scene, I learned valuable experience bouncing between bird's—eye to hands—on.

As a designer, I want to combine my interest for human behaviour, technology and design to create products with purpose that engages.

Westerdals School Of Communcation

Graphic Design

Where I learned creativity and craft. Many trees died for some pretty mediocre prints, but it also taught me how to anchor concept development in visual communication.

I was accepted into the third year, where the remaining students form their own studio doing client work with all the fun and misery it includes.

Some defining projects for me were creating your own mascot (an introspective hell) and editorial design (combined with a magazine concept).


Hyper Island

Interactive Art Direction

My thirst for digital concepting led me to Hyper Island. Being a high level course, I learned a lot about team dynamics, group culture and how to manage my own and others expectations in addition to honing ideation and digital design.

Hyper Island projects are ran by external industry relevant facilitators for real clients.

Some of the most interesting projects I worked on was new interaction concepts for Skype, a digital campaign for SOS Barnbyar, a launch strategy for Wired Magazine and a self-initiated Ruby on Rails project exploring new ways of journaling.


Bergen University College

Creative Web Design

Wanting to be able to run more projects like Noisewood, I needed greater technical skills. Front-end development was the first step, so I enrolled in a creative web design class.

It was quite basic so I had extra time on my hands. Therefore me and a colleague founded a small boutique digital design studio on the side that quickly rivaled school in teachings and challenges.


Norges Kreative Fagskole

Graphic Design

My first naïve, introductionary steps into graphic design. Logos, typography, book covers, posters — the works.

I decided to study graphic design right after upper secondary school, after realising the power in communicating ideas visually during presentations.

Wanting tougher challenges, I discontinued after one year since I was accepted into Westerdals.



Design & Product Development

At Railway I got to use a wide array of skills to solve complex problems, prioritizing the actual humans on the recieving end instead of pleasing bureaucracy.

Railway's model is a four week sprint executed before digging deeper should the client greenlight the final direction.

I enjoy the process of gathering insights, research and designing assumptions that fail through prototyping.

An important aspect of Railway that I value a lot is the iterative focus on internal culture and processes.



Design & Product Development
(2015– )

Together with a previous client, we set out to reduce loneliness in the elderly. My role was to make sense of the challenges they and their families face and design solutions for that.

Not an easy task, but through a very iterative process and a strong focus on creating the absolutely minimal viable product we made a lot of people happy already.

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(2014– )

Working primarily with clients in the startup sphere, I've provided web design and development, brand identity and product development.

All while experiencing the struggles of being project manager, salesman and accountant. When time would allow it, design and creative..

The nice part about freelance is the flexbility to travel and ability to pick your projects. The bad part about freelance is working alone a lot and lack of ability to pick your projects.


Design & Product Development

A logistics startup focusing on developing countries. At first working as a freelancer, I helped materialize a very broad vision into a tangible product, covering technical specifications, prototyping and lastly an identity that hopefully won't offend a global audience. A daunting task for a solo designer.

I was later brought into the team to oversee development and further creative direction.


Design & Web Development

After Hyper Island, I did my internship with OKFocus, self–proclaimed as the coolest agency in the world.

Here I worked with some pretty interesting names doing design, front-end, sketches and ideation including agency self-initiated projects.

Working closely with Ryder and Jules, I learned a lot from two true digital natives and reinforced my passion for the small agency model with a tight-knit team.



Design & Web Development

Wanting to make things people could interact with, founding a tiny digital agency was the quickest way to get my hands dirty.



Design & Product Development

During my last year at Westerdals, the urge of building something from the ground up and owning the entire experience was strong.

This project taught me things I would never have learned anywhere else about leadership, project management, team balance, pitching & presentations, revenue models, tech, user aquisition, growth and other startup jargon.

The biggest learning impact though, was for me to learn to shift my focus from pixels to the bigger picture.